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CoinDash Beta Testers call – Be the first to get a glimpse of our Beta version

Different than most common crypto projects out there, we at CoinDash actually bringing a product for a daily use to the table.
Our platform is actually the first product that it’s contributors are also it’s end users.

With our future ICO in the horizon as we speak, we are already in full capacity on our working Beta! but there is still a lot of work in order for us to bring you the best product out there.
While we have blind trust in our team capabilities, It is our strongest believe that in order to deliver the best project in crypto space we must get the best community behind us.

And so we are looking for your contribution helping us test and challenge our current Beta version.
10-15 carefully picked testers among the community will have the opportunity to be the first to try our game changing platform. Depending on the quality of their feedbacks, community testers will also have a big chance to take part in our future Bug bounty campaign which is supposed to be very rewarding.

Those who wish to take part in this amazing opportunity must meet with the following criteria:
1. Understand the idea behind CoinDash platform and its use cases
2. Have a basic knowledge in Blockchain technology and experience with cryptographic wallets
3. Participated in several Ethereum based ICOs lately from the following list:


If you wish to join our special journey providing the first crypto based portfolio management tool, as one of CoinDashes Testers please send your request along several details about yourself such as: Country of residence, Crypto experience, recent ICO participating and other relevant information, to our official contact email account at : [email protected]


We feel it is our privilege getting the community involved so early in the process and are waiting to hear from you.

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