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CoinDash beta version plans

Hi CoinDashers!

We are happy to lay out the plan for our beta version for the CoinDash platform before you!


We’ve published recently our white paper draft where we laid out our market network product paradigm consisting of 3 layers: tools (SaaS), network and marketplace.

  • Tools are what every investor needs to be efficient, a portfolio management platform that gives real insight into the performance of his investment decisions.
  • Network refers to the social network features (copy-trading and signal trading) that will remove barriers for unexperienced crypto investors and onboard them into the ecosystem. Those tools will create a network between crypto investors where users could discover other top investors, compare their performance (base on the portfolio management platform), follow them and copy-trade them.
  • Marketplace is the a direct benefit of the previous two. A place where crypto investors can discover new investment opportunities, investment instruments (like Melonport funds and ICONOMI) and directly invest from CoinDash in them.

This vision of CoinDash is what we call “Operating System For Crypto Assets”. The same way an OS is built to make the interaction with a computer accessible for mainstream users, we intend to do the same for crypto assets. Make them accessible for mainstream users and investors.

CoinDash Beta

The CoinDash beta will implement the features from the SaaS and Network layers, with the following features:


  • Portfolio management – Users will be able to add their ethereum accounts to a dashboard showing them useful insights about their performance as investors (benchmark against the market, Risk, diversification)
  • Top Investor Discovery and benchmarking – Users will be able to share their portfolio performance and discover other top traders and their performance.
  • Copy-ICO – through a smart contract users could follow other users and copy their ICO investments real time though a smart contract. CoinDash at no point will hold their private key of coins, it will all be controlled by the smart contract (the users is its owner)

The bottom line is, you as a crypto investor could (for the first time) get real insight into the performance and risk factors of your portfolio and follow top traders and copy real time their ICO investments.

Soon we will open our code for the community and set up release dates.

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